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Interactive Experience


The Tulip House is a museum that teaches, engages and enchants.


Our latest work, the Jószerencsét Interaktív Élményközpont / Goodluck Interactive Experience Center in the industrial city of Tatabánya, opens in January 2021.


The largest interactive industrial exhibition in Hungary to date, was designed and built by Fantastigo team members, from the concept till the last 3D printed house of the 35-sqm large, Augmented Reality-equipped interactive diorama.


The entire exhibition features over 10 educational interactive games in 5 different rooms, using the latest Mixed Reality technologies. The exhibition covers various topics of the industry, local history, geology and science in an entertaining and gamified way.

The main attraction of the exhibition is the 35 sqm industrial diorama, the first of its kind in entire Europe to use Augmented Reality. 3D printed objects are combined with image recognition based AR games to explain the process of mining and electric power distribution.



Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

3D modelling

3D printing

app development

development for touchscreen

360 degree video production

concept design

exhibition design

enterior design


terrain table construction

Screenshot 2020-08-01 at 23.10.21.png
Screenshot 2020-08-01 at 23.10.14.png
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