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Basilica 3D



Augmented Reality mobile application

for iOS and Android

The basilica was built in the late 1010s by Saint Stephen I, the first King of Hungary. The most significant place of the Kingdom of Hungary in the Middle Ages, as it contained the crown jewels, including the throne, the Holy Crown of Hungary, the treasury and the archives. 37 kings and 39 queens consort were crowned in this basilica and 15 were buried here. When Turkish Empire occupied Székesfehérvár in 1543, the royal graves were ransacked and the basilica was used to store gunpowder, which sealed its fate and in 1601, the valuable building was destroyed by fire.

Our mobile application allows the visitors of the historical site to see the virtual reconstruction of the building and the royal graves in Augmented Reality. The application shows the early romanesque and late gothic style architecture of the building.



Augmented Reality

3D modelling

UI design

app development

virtual reconstruction

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